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But it all ended the day he walked into Belmont Park and hit 9 straight winners and 9 straight exactas!
The cops realized that day he was simply a winner! Because he had designed a system that was the handicapping breakthrough of the century!

But there is far more to Kelso Sturgeon than opinions, controversy and bravado!
He wins because he understands the horse and has been able to translate that insight into a system that wins almost everyday!


A system that says how every horse will run today!

I’ve been involved in thoroughbred horse racing for more than three decades and I do know what this game is all about. I know what makes it tick and why what goes on at the race track makes so little sense to most handicappers and bettors. I even know why most of you lose most of the time.

Needless to say I am writing you this letter in hopes you will do yourself a favor and buy the system I use, to win with great consistency almost everyday at the track. It’s called “Today’s Correct Number”, or “TCN” and I know it works. It takes the insanity out of handicapping, gives you focus and shows you how every single horse in every single race at every single race track in America will run every single day.

But, in truth, I don’t care whether you buy it. I don’t just talk the talk – I walk the walk and bet my own money everyday, and that is rewarding enough for me. But even if you have no intention of buying this system, or any other, do yourself a favor and read what I have to say.

I may not know you personally, but I do know something about you. Admit it: as a horseplayer you think you know more than anybody else about handicapping, even though you lose much more than you win.

Well, my friend, wake up. You’re betting thoroughbred racing under one set of rules, while it’s being run under another. And you think you can beat this game?

Let’s set the record straight on several things. Just knowing them will make you a better handicapper, whether or not you buy “TCN”.

First of all, you are betting the game under what you think are the right rules, but horse racing definitely is being conducted under a hidden set of rules that are known to some insiders. Yes, I am saying many people active in racing – owners, trainers and jockeys – don’t really know how this sport works. They keep losing and they never quite figure out why.

Then there is the issue of “live” vs. “dead” horses in each race. If a track runs a 10-race card, with an average of 10 horses in each race, I can assure you no less than 50 of those 100 horses have absolutely no chance to win. Yes, some of the “dead” ones are even 6-5 favorites. Put that in your pipe and smoke it – and try to win.

And what about all those things you’ve been told about handicapping, i.e. things like the Beyer Figures published in Daily Racing Form, workouts, rider changes, speed figures etc.? Use any elements of handicapping just slightly wrong – and lose. It’s as simple as that, and you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out.


So, how did I get so smart? What makes me sharper than the next guy? Why should you believe me, since you’ve already been carried off and buried by every two-bit carnival barker in the country?

Again, it makes no difference to me whether you buy, but please read on. I’ll be more than 60 years old this year, two weeks after the Kentucky Derby, although I won’t tell you how much, and I’ve been in the thoroughbred business for more than 35 years. I’ve been the director of marketing and public relations at Churchill Downs, Laurel, Pimlico and Arlington Park. I founded the original World Series of Handicapping at Penn National. I worked as a racing official.

I’ve walked hots, mucked stalls, owned and trained horses. I’ve been jockey agent for such outstanding, successful champions riders as Carlos Barrera, Vincent Bracciale, Jr., Alberto Delgado and Arnold Iliescu. I’ve won big racing in the big leagues and in the bushes.

Every single day on the race track was a learning experience, much more important to the handicapper than going to Harvard, or MIT. The list of trainers who taught me the ropes reads like a Who’s Who of the business. Get out your thoroughbred history books and look for the names of such great horsemen as Elliott Burch, V.R. “Tennessee” Wright, Laz Barrera, Angel Penna, Bud Greeley, Eddie Neloy, Sonny Hine, Buddy Jacobson, John Matson to name just a few. And throw into the mix the greatest veterinarian of them all, Dr. Alex Harthill. They were my mentors – all of them. I worked with them, listened to them, watched them train and work their magic.

Every single one of them was a master craftsman, an artist par excellence of the thoroughbred – and how to make him win. To them I humbly owe what eventually emerged as “TCN”. They taught me how to recognize when that was.

The only regret that I have is that I did not put all this wonderful “schooling together in a single package sooner in my life. Oh, how much easier things would have been – if only I had quantified all this knowledge and experience into a working formula.

Thankfully, I eventually did that – and handicapping made sense – and winning became a habit.


The work that has gone into “TCN” has been a decade long work-in-progress. As a professional handicapper, I found out early on that I needed a handicapping system, or methodology, that would give me an objective numerical rating for each horse in each race – everyday. I was tired of my inconsistency and the mental downer of winning one day and losing the next.

I wanted a system that did four basic things:

  • Assigned an accurate numerical rating to every horse in every race.
  • Worked in every kind of race, from cheap claiming events to million dollar stakes and handicaps.
  • Worked on turf and dirt – and at every distance.
  • Was easy to use.

It took years to arrive at the final system, but I got there and I can promise you “TCN” does everyone of those things – everyday. And the nice thing about it, the only tool you need is the Daily Racing Form and, even better, you can handicap an entire 10-race card in less than an hour.


While the original intent of “TCN” was to determine the best horse in each race, I quickly came to realize it had tremendous success in picking exactas, trifectas and Superfectas. In fact, the first time I used it – at Belmont Park on Belmont Stakes Day in 1993 – I hit the winner – and the exacta – of the first nine races on the card (the 10th race was a maiden race, with so little information available, it was unplayable).

While I don’t intend to list them all (they are listed in the system in the system workout), I had Russian Bride, the $55.80 winner of the second race – and a $378.40 exacta. In the seventh race, there was Monbrook the winner at $31.20, topping a $278.00 exacta. In the next race it was Devil His Due at $10.40, with a $131.80 exacta. And, in the Belmont Stakes itself, the system came with the winner, Colonial Affair at $29.80, topping a $463.60 exacta.

Before that day at Belmont Park I always operated under a cloud of suspicion. People said no one could win so many big bets, and be doing it on the level. Over the years I made so many trips to the windows to collect that I was marked by track security, the FBI and the TRPB, the police arm of the sport. I did have my telephones tapped by the federal government and I was even forced to testify before an Organized Crime Strike Force Grand Jury. Nobody believed one could win at this level without being involved in race fixing, or its many cousins.

The officials believed I was doing something terribly wrong, because I won most of the big bets I made – and more than that, I bet against heavy favorites to do it. The biggest bet I ever won in my life came when I took an 18-1 shot in a race at Aqueduct where the favorite, Protagonist, the 2-year-old champion of the previous year, was 1-9. My horse, Rube The Great, won and Protagonist was in the outhouse.

And the second biggest bet I ever won came on a 23-1 shot named Samoyed in a six-horse allowance race at Aqueduct where the favorite I Speedup, was 1-2, and second.

How, the investigative folks kept asking, could anyone bet that much money against favorites that looked as if they had to fall down to lose? It was for years my albatross, since racing officials truly believe everyone has to be a loser, and anyone winning with these kinds of horses, had to be a crook or a fixer.

Nobody wanted to listen to the reality – that I was just handicapping winners. But after going 9-0 at Belmont that day, they accepted the fact I was telling the truth – that I was successfully using a system of my own design and that I was doing nothing wrong.


While Belmont 1993 might be old to you, I recently used it to try to hit a big Pick 6 (Sunday, Jan. 24) at Santa Anita and came up with Cyrano Storm ($21.20) in the fifth race and Phaenna ($25.50) in the seventh. In the seventh “TCN” also gave us the $66.00 – for $2 exacta and the $409.60 – for – $2 tri-fecta.

We didn’t hit the Pick 6 that day, but we certainly went home with a substantial profit on the strength of those two races alone. Oh, by the way, the system came up with two other winners and exactas on the card.

The very same day we are fighting the battle at Santa Anita, “TCN” had seven winners at Gulfsteam Park – Lady Deville ($20.20) in the first, Alert The Lt. ($3.60) in the second, Sunshine One ($14.80) in the fourth, Storm Music ($11.60) in the seventh, Risen Warrior ($5.80) in the eighth, Quanah ($2.80) in the ninth and Emelene’s Wish ($8.20) in the 10th.

“TCN” wins at all tracks – in the big leagues and in the bushes – on the dirt, on the turf, and at every distance. And its strength is its consistency. It puts you in the winner’s circle almost everyday, and you can see by the prices it isn’t giving you 2-5 shots to bet on all day long.

$20 BETTORS CAN WIN $50,000 – $60,000 EACH YEAR…

The answer to the question of how much you can win is obvious. How much you can win with this system is limited only by how much you bet. I do not think there is any doubt that a $20 win bettor can comfortably clear between $50,000 and $60,000 a year – and maybe more, depending on just how involved the bettor became in $2 gimmick bets such as exactas and trifectas.

“TCN” works. Let there be no doubt about it. If you bet this system as I suggest, your chances for making money are unlimited, and it most certainly will make life easier for you.


“TCN” is so strong it is being offered to you with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Use it just as you are instructed and, if it doesn’t show a profit for you, then send it back with your workout logs and we’ll cheerfully refund your money.

By the way, I sold 100 copies of this system of $100 each back in late 1993, just wanting to test the market and get feedback from those who purchased it. Every single one of those systems was sold with a 100% money back guarantee – and not one single person ever asked for his/her money back.

I still run into some of those buyers in my travels and every one of them is still using the system, winning with it in its original form – and they don’t even have the benefit of all the fine-tuning that has been done since then to make “TCN” even more consistent.


  1. TCN will eliminate all those variables that confuse you when you are handicapping and will focus your attention on the only things that count.
  2. TCN will give you an accurate numerical rating which tells you how every horse in every race will run today.
  3. TCN will accurately point out all the horses you need to use in your exactas, quinellas, trifectas and superfectas.
  4. TCN will tell you quite plainly all the horses that have no chance of winning today, i.e. the dead horses in each race.
  5. TCN will permit you to analyze each racing card in less than an hour.

And, the only tool you will need is the Daily Racing Form, which will contain every single element you will need in rating the horses.

I don’t have to tell you it is an exhilarating experience to sit down and handicap each day, knowing where you are going and knowing that what you are doing will produce winners at a level of consistency about which most people only dream.

You will show consistently for the first time in your life.

As most of you know, I have been in this business all my adult life – and I love it, and I love winning. I’m laying my professional reputation on the line here with this system – and I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t know it worked.

Order this system today – and win with me! Guaranteed!
It will cost you only $27.95 (which includes shipping and handling), charged to your major credit card, and will be shipped to you immediately.


I’m not asking you to blindly buy the proverbial pig-in-a-poke here. Use “TCN” for 30 days. Keep a log of your daily plays, just in case our numbers don’t agree, and, if you have not shown a substantial profit in that 30-day time frame, your money will be refunded immediately.

There’s no gimmicks, no hidden language. Win, or get your money back. It is as simple as that.

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