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Here it is – the successor to Spot Play Dynamite – John DaSilva’s


A win–picking powerhouse right in the palm of your hand!
New York’s #1 public handicapper for 19 years (NY Post, ‘94–‘13) John DaSilva solves handicapping’s trickiest mysteries with an easy–to–use, step–by–step formula that zeroes in on hot peaking horses ready to win!


Here is a method that shows you EXACTLY how you CAN win every day at any track you play. And unlike Spot Play Dynamite, I DON’T mean special plays that may happen once or twice a week. I mean everyday races where my tried–and–true methods – perfected in use every racing day in my 19 years at the Post – will show you how to find the HOT HORSE in every race you play!

I have put together virtually ALL the horse handicapping fundamentals (that show you how to pick winners and make money). I have organized them into their logical categories. And I have broken them down into simple manageable steps that YOU can perform for profit and pleasure

Based on thousands of past performances, THE HOT HORSE ORGANIZER shows you all the negative or iffyvariables that can lose you money, and zeroes in on the tried–and–true factors – so often hidden in the form sheets – that actually WIN!

The ORGANIZER zeroes in on ALL the key element that produce value picks wherever you play…

We use a simple point system

  • 7, 3 or zero – to rate horses – in seven different categories. Then we add up each horse’s score
  • The horse with the top point score is likeliest to win.
  • In case of a tie, bet both – or none &ndash play them in exactas or trifectas


  • FORM Is the horse ready to peak? Is the horse’s form improving or declining?
  • CLASS Is the horse entered in the right spot? Is the horse competitive against present company?
  • PACE Will it favor front runners, pressers, stalkers, closers?
  • TRAINER Is the horse’s trainer winning? Is he good at today’s type of race?
  • IMPROVEMENT Is the horse about to show improvement? If so, how much? And why? What factors may lead to that improvement?
  • BOTTOM Is the horse a finisher or a quitter? Does the horse gain in the stretch … or fade?
  • THE WINNING EDGE Is there an edge factor or angle going for a horse in today’s race?
Each of these factors is a major handicapping angles on its own. But when put together, they form a WIN PICKING POWEREHOUSE!

Best of all, my Seven Point System shows you how to check out every horse in the Past Performances quickly and derive point calculations that add up to winners.

Positive Angles and The Winning Edge refers to all of the little and often OVERLOOKED FACTORS that play into whether a horse will run a winning race today. Finding angles often overlooked by the betting public could very well result in giving a particular hourse the winning edge.

When you have evaluated each horse in a race, simply add up its seven scores. There – that gives you the horse’s overall rating.Compare the scores of all the horses in that race and – bang! – the horse with the highest total is the horse to bet.

The cost of HOT HORSE ORGANIZER: 7 STEPS TO MAXI MONEY is just $30. That includes postage & handling. And yes, it’s guaranteed. Try the Organizer for 30 days. If you aren’t wimnning. Send me a redcord of your plays (in case one of us made a mistake) and I will refund every penny.

But it’s a guarantee you’ll never use! Because NOTHING has ever won like the HOT HORSE ORGANIZER. Nothing CAN win like the Hot Horse Organizer. It is absolutely EVERYTHING you need. FOLLOW it!

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John DaSilva

Want to hear a funny?
Sometimes my system picks better than I do! It’s true! When you’re operating live – I mean in the flow, talking to trainers, handlers and clockers – they get excited over something they just heard, it’s easy to get carried away. I get caught up in their enthusiasm (you don’t want to be a wet blanket) – and I give their news more importance than it deserves. Hey, I HAVE to listen: if they’re right, it’s money!. But sometimes they’re wrong and throw me off my game. . . where as the SYSTEM – the Hot Horse Organizer – NEVER throws me off. The System is nit on the grapevine. It doesn’t hear this morning’s news. But it doesn’t make mistakes That’s why – sometimes – the System is smarter than I am!

“I’ve know John DaSilva for 22 years. He knows when a horse is ready to run its best race – and he makes sure his customers know it, too!”
Bruno DeJulio, leadking workout analyst