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One Of The Most Profitable And Successful Racing Book In History
Why Not Make It Is A Source Of Your Future Cash Winnings!


Harvey Ames
System Of The 21st Century!

POWERFUL…Just 7 Simple Rules In The Basic System
REVITALIZED…Not Just Revised!
ORGANIZED…Easy to read and understand
FAST…Handicap A Card in Less Than An Hour
IN-DEPTH…Every rule with charts and research
TIMELY…Just in time for the Run to the Kentucky Derby!


  1. Is the simplest advice you ever heard about speed-yet, IT MAKES MONEY!
  2. Is all about winning versus clock speed. Not profound. JUST PROFITABLE!
  3. Consistency question answered. A simple formula, but there’s NOTHING SIMPLE about the CASH YOU POCKET
  4. Solves the mystery of turf racing with the EASIEST MONEY MAKING RULE IN RACING.
  5. Gives you all the wisdom of track conditions boiled down to instructions so simple they should be etched in gold.
  6. TIEBREAKING FORMULA that Harvey Ames learned the hard way, but now it’s just EASY PROFITS for you.
  7. Exactas and Trifectas strategy to get more horses for the lowest cost AND POCKET THE HIGHEST PROFITS!
    Here Is All You Need To Know:
    System Of The 21st Century!
    Works Exactly The Way Harvey Ames Claims:
  1. A day’s race card can be done in a half hour to an hour MAX!
  2. The book takes less than an hour to read. The basic dirt track rules take up only a handful of pages. The Turf and Synthetic extensions can be used as reference when you need this information for specific races.
  3. There are NO formulas or hard-to-read computer programs
  4. There’s NO MATH, not even something as simple as ONE PLUS TWO!
  5. There’s nothing to dope out. No figuring. No judgment. You always get a definite horse – no ifs, ands, buts, or maybes! It’s always a YES or NO answer on each horse in the race.
  6. You don’t even have to know anything about horses. In fact, all you need are the past performances in the program or Daily Racing Form®TRY IT FOR 30 DAYS AND YOU’LL SEE WHY ALL THE PROS ARE LINING UP FOR THEIR SNEAK PREVIEW TOO!

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