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 The Perfect 10 Handicapping Basics

Whether You Are One Of The Many Newcomers
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The legendary PERFECT TEN of Racing – the oldest, most time-tested system of winning rules ever compiled – is back and we’ve got it!

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Horses for Courses


The Key Race Method


Second Start System


The Z Method (the race within a race)


Stretchouts and Turnbacks


Magic Distance Factor


Trainer Patterns


The Eliminator


The Bounce Factor


Equipment Changes

The Chapter titles alone tell you all the time-tested ways ready to find hot runners ready to win for you!

  • Every chapter lays down the law. Whether it has to do with speed, condition, recency, post position, running style, pace profile, blinkers, meds or whatever. The rules are simple and unequivocal. There is no judgment involved. You always get yes or no answers!
  • There is no math. An amateur can pick a race in under ten minutes! For a seasoned vet it’s a great time saver.
  • THE PERFECT TEN is a legendary money maker! Every user we contacted said they had made money from it – some claiming they’d won every year they’ve used it!
  • THE PERFECT TEN” is out of print and unavailable anywhere but here. There IS no second edition. The original became one of the best-kept secrets in thoroughbred handicapping, with a small cult following who traded photocopies or swapped winning stories.
  • Likewise, there is no one author of “THE PERFECT TEN.” Passed on from one player to another, PERFECT TEN evolved naturally through a generation of trial and error – till even the top players in the game couldn’t improve on it.

Includes postage & handling.
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Don’t Expect Pages Of Bells & Whistles…Just Instructions.
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