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Nothing Makes Money Quicker or Faster than my 7-POINT PLAN…Start cashing from Day One!

Focusing on Basics of Handicapping and the Fundamentals these 7 point
categories break down handicapping to a simple 1-2-3 approach.

My name is Noel Michaels, and maybe you’ve heard of me during my long career in Thoroughbred racing that started more than 25 years ago when I was the youngest person ever elevated to the title of handicapper in the 100+ year history of the Daily Racing Form. Back then I handicapped 5 national tracks a day and eventually became the Form’s sports and gaming columnist, Internet Editor, and television host. Since then perhaps you were one of my followers on Long Island Cablevision in New York, or at the Race Palace mega-OTB.

This latest method figures to become a best seller like, “Winning Angles A To Z” and “Handicapping Contest Handbook,” which revolutionized tournament handicapping. Focusing on Basics of Handicapping and the Fundamentals these 7 point categories break down handicapping to a simple 1-2-3 approach.

It is easy to master, it is comprehensive and it works better than you could ever imagine.

The 7-Point Plan is 30 pages of text – plus winning examples – that puts your focus squarely on the fundamentals of Thoroughbred handicapping in the categories that I have found to matter the most.

The 7-Points include things like:
1. A horse’s Current Form.
2. How to spot trainer intent and trends.
3. Which jockey changes matter and how they impact the race.
4. When to know a horse is running at its ideal distance.
5. When to know when a horse is on its ideal surface.
6. When will the horse’s pace fit into the race?
7. Is the post position an advantage or a disadvantage.

The horse(s) that earn the highest scores are the best bets in a race. It’s as simple as that!

Get the brand new 7 POINT PLAN and start picking more winners and making more money, and having more fun betting the races.

With the 7-Point Plan, you can handicap the entire race card. And as for those pesky maiden races that often defy the rules of handicapping methods, including 2-year-olds and first-time starters, I have also included a Maiden Handicapping appendix to the 7-Point Plan to insure you will be able to play every race on the card.

Sharpen your handicapping fundamentals, and pick winners while you’re doing so! You’ll become the best handicapper you know.

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