Insider’s Exotic Betting


  • You Pick Winners
  • You Hit Your Share of Exactas
  • You Sometimes Try Doubles & Pick 3’s

SO WHY AREN’T YOUR PROFITS BIGGER? Or worse… Why are you hitting and still losing money?

My friend, you are a victim of tricks & insider knowledge that lets others profit while your racing income drops! Now I’m leveling the playing field with my latest Blockbuster Racing Book…

Insider’s Exotic Betting

How Racing’s Insiders use “Joe Public” betting mistakes to win big and how YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

Dear Racing Fan:

I wish I had a dollar for every email that hits my inbox from “average Joe” bettors who literally beg me, Gasper Moschera, “to stop their losingspiral” and “tell them what they are doing wrong” when they Pick Winners but Don’t Make Enough Money or, worse, Lose!

People ask me the same questions time and again: “Why am I not winning more?” or “I pick winners, but still end up losing money. Why?”

I’m the logical man for players to ask. My career as a winner is well known from coast to coast. I’m famous for being the “winning bettor” who turned my knowledge of how to read a Daily Racing Form® into one of the most amazing and successful horse training careers in New York racing history.

I was pretty successful, capturing the leading trainer title for number of winning horses 6 consecutive years (1993-98) and finishing in the Top 10 on that list for 17 years (1983-99).

Many people thought I was a “miracle” trainer. Truth is I was a competent trainer, but a “miracle handicapper.”

Since I retired from training, I’ve written 4-Best Selling Handicapping Books to show you and other “everyday” bettors what professionals do to pick winners. But as Ireceived more and more mail and more and more questions, I realized I had OVERLOOKED the most IMPORTANT FACTOR in WINNING—Betting Strategy.

I realized that COMMON MISTAKES and PREDATORY PROFESSIONALS were combining to STEAL YOUR PROFIT right out from under your nose.

So I decided I had to be the guy who levels this playing field and gives you a fair & square shot at winning BIG! First I identified the problems:

Gimmicks, Gimmicks, Gimmicks
Over the years, racetracks have piled gimmick upon gimmick on bettors, offering HUGE PAYOFFS on almost unpickable bets. Now, the bettor is faced with big takeout bets like the Pick 4’s, Pick 6’s, Superfectas and Super High Fives.

Of course, there are Doubles, Exactas, Trifectas & Pick 3’s too. Professionals concentrate on BEATABLE GIMMICKS.

Common Mistakes that Crush Players
In addition to going overboard on virtually unbeatable Gimmick wagers, players tend to make the same mistakes over and over again. These mistakes REDUCE your profit when you win and COST YOU EVEN MORE when you lose.

Minimum Return on Maximum Investments
Too many players play SO MANY COMBINATIONS that they are LOADED DOWN before the race WITH FISTFULS OF TICKETS THAT MUST LOSE. Professional bettors HONE THEIR WAGERS to a FINE EDGE to reduce the number of losing tickets.

Then I created an easy to read, easy to understand money management and strategy system to help you break those losing habits & become A PROFESSIONAL WINNER. Insiders Exotic Betting Expose Will teach you quickly & easily how to:

  • Identify and Play the Best Exotic Wagers (Daily Doubles, Exactas, Pick 3’s)
  • Profit From High Performance Money Management Systems
  • Key On Undervalued Horses To Increase ROI
  • Eliminate Over-Betting and Reduce Losing Tickets
  • Maximize Winnings While Reducing Risk

I’ll teach you what racing insider’s know on how take advantage of the mistakes that other players, amateurs, casual bettors and even some whales make. No longer will you feed the pools so that others can profit. Instead, YOU WILL NOW BE FEEDING ON FATTENED PAYOFFS that OTHERS BUILD UP FOR YOU.

Step by Step, Race by Race, I’LL SHOW YOU HOW TO START CASHING MORE WHILE BETTING LESS! MY FORMULAS are A PROVEN SUCCESS at getting the most out of your Daily Double, Exacta and Pick 3 wagers. I’ll take you by the hand and show you how.”

Order your copy today of Insiders Exotic Betting Expose for only $19.95 (INCLUDING S&H)

The Holiday season is here. Shouldn’t you treat yourself to a gift that will put more cash in your pocket the rest of this year, next year & many more years to come. In fact, if you want to do your racetrack friends a favor, order a copy for them too. Order your copy NOW.