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Higher education for the freshman or the graduate student! Learn to win with secret rules of trainers, jockeys and owners!

I hear it everywhere I go. The mantra of the horse player is the same from New York to California, from Canada to Florida. “I cant win… You can’t beat this game… What’s the use?” And on it goes, the whining of the horse player as he or she returns to the race track each day to beat a game they believe you can’t beat.

Folks, I’d like to be the first to tell you betting the horses does not have to be an exercise in selfflagellation. You don’t have to beat yourself up everyday. You don’t have to go home from the track at night wondering what hit you – and why nothing you did seemed to work, and why you never win. Winning with consistency is possible and within the reach of every single horse bettor in the country.

I know it is, because I’ve done it. A few years ago, for some very personal reasons, I worked up the courage to quit my job to see if I could actually make a living betting on the horses. In the beginning it was not easy, and there were days I had my doubts, but I stayed with it, thinking, studying and fine-tuning every aspect of my game. Within a year, I was winning with consistency and I spent the next five years of my live living like a king – with all of the money to pay for the good life coming from my winnings at the race track.

It all became possible through an on-the-job educational process that money could not buy. My teachers were people like Howard “Buddy” Jacobson, the leading trainer in New York for years, Hall of Famers Laz Barrera and Eddie Neloy, twilight zone numbers man Len Ragozin the greatest handicapper of these individuals, I learned the important things that make horses win and lose and this knowledge became the foundation of everything I do.

Many of you have already enjoyed the fruits of my educational process through use of my very successful system, TCN – Today’s Correct Number. As users of this breakthrough system, you already know you can win. And now I’m going to teach you how to win more through a fine-tuning process that will put you in the company of the 2% to 3% of bettors who win $50,000 and up each year with the horses.

Those of you who have attended my seminars, seen me on national television USA Network, heard me on my Southern California radio show or read one of my books, or some of my many newspaper and magazine articles, know three things about me:

  • I love to teach people how to win!
  • I want people to know they are winners just waiting to happen!
  • I want people to know winning can begin today!

It’s my theme. It’s my mantra. I believe it. I’ve done it. I know it can happen for you, just as it happened for me. Now!



When you go to the race track each day, you have no edge-if you only have the Daily Racing Form as your guide. Every other horse player there is drawing from the same pool of information and, for the most part, selecting the same horses you are. That means most of them are leaving the starting gate at short odds. In a game where only 33% of the favorites win, you’re absolutely doomed. You cannot win enough to keep going.

But if you expand your ability to interpret the data in the Daily Racing Form as I do, you will double and triple you chances for winning. You’ll push that win percentage over the 30% mark and you’ll be getting $35 and $70 mutuels instead of $4, and you will be on way to a better life.


I have spent more than three decades on the race track, working as director of public relations at such places as Churchill Downs, Pimlico, Laurel and Arlington Park. I have worked as a racing official and as a jockey agent for such standouts as national riding champion Carlos Barrera. Eclipse Award winner Alberto Delgado, the great Vincent Bracciale, Jr. and Arnold Iliescu, the King of the Bushes. I am the founder of the World Series of Handicapping at Penn National. I know horse racing like few people ever.

In putting together this 20 lesson course on handicapping, I had only one goal in mind – to move you beyond the obvious facts you get from the Daily Racing Form each day and to move you to a level of understanding that will arm you with the insight it takes to win everyday. For example…

How to read the tote board and detect “Smart Money” (Lesson 1) is an eye-opener literally. You can tell by watching the tote board at any track in the country where the smart money is going – and you don’t have to have a math degree from MIT to figure it out. It’s there right before your eyes. You just have to know what to look for – and this lesson spells it out directly and simply.

Winning with losing first-time starters (Lesson 8) is another epistle worth its weight in gold. There probably is no other lesson that will produce more big payoff winners for you than this one. All the tell-tale signs are there. Again, you just have to know what to look for – and the lesson tells you specifically. This one lesson alone has sent me to the windows on three long-shot winners this past week.

Using conditions to win bets (Lesson 14) tells you how to use conditions to find winners. There is an obvious process and cycle through which horses go and this lesson explains all of that – and even tells you when to give up on a horse. Here’s another lesson that pays off big.


These 20 lessons will be the most informed, and heaviest dose, of handicapping information you’ve ever read, period. And yet, you will find all of them easy to read, easy to understand and easy to apply to your daily handicapping. You can read them all in less than two hours and immediately begin to take the winning edge. And the truth and wisdom that is in them will make you a better handicapper and, in most cases, will double and triple your percentage. And you will be passing up all those 3-5 shots that can’t win, and sending your money in on 10-1 shots that should be 3-5. I’m confident that will happen. It has for me and, as I have said, it will for you.


Here is a complete list of the courses that will take you right to the Winner’s Circle from Day One:

  1. How to read the tote board and detect “Smart Money”. (Trainers may hide good horses from the public – but the tote board tells all!)
  2. The magic distance factor that produces price horses. (Every horse in the barn has a distance at which they excel – learn how trainers get them ready).
  3. Winning with a horse’s physical appearance. (Learn secrets of the “gleaming coat” and the “swishing tail” – turn them into money!)
  4. How to know a jockey change means winner. (Sometimes it only takes a busboy – sometimes it takes a master – learn the difference and cash in!)
  5. The “Key Race” method gets the money. (Certain races are “power” races in that most of those who ran in the race win their next starts. Spot the signs and plan the profits.)
  6. Equipment changes that mean the winner’s circle. (When you know for what to look, your win percentage goes way up.)
  7. Winning with live drop down horses. (When most horses drop down in class, they’re a questionable bet. But there are times when they are the livest best of the day.)
  8. Winning with losing first-time starters. (Spot those horses which were “dead” in their first race and now are ready to win at big odds!)
  9. How to know when a trainer is stealing money (This is a real behind-the-scenes look that tells you all the signs so you can have a pay day too!)
  10. Using the “Bounce Factor” to win. (Ever wonder why few horses win even two races in a now? There’s a reason for it all – and it translates into winners for you.)
  11. Knowing when a horse offers value. (Smart money lessons in downside risk versus upside gain!)
  12. How to spot the live horse in each race. (Spot the few “live” horses in each race – See “Blind Switch” in the brochure.)
  13. Hidden keys to winning handicaps and stakes. (Unlock the biggest pari-mutuels of all with little known facts and angles!)
  14. Using “Conditions” to win bets. (Think like a trainer – win like a high roller.)
  15. Winning with 2-year-old Maidens. (How the most avoided bets can be the most predictable.)
  16. How to eliminate all the horses with no chance. (50 percent of all the horses entered in a race have no chance to win. Spot’em and eliminat’em immediately. Yes, some of the are 4-5.)
  17. How to read trainer patterns and win. (Tell tale signs that lead straight to the money)
  18. Getting cash with drop-down 3-year-olds. (Get real value prices on horses which almost can’t lose)
  19. Knowing when to be against 3-5 shots and other favorites. (Anytime you can eliminate a 3-5 shot in a race, you’re on your way to make a major score. This lesson shows you how!)
  20. Spotting a horse’s speciality and winning at big prices. (Learn the secret weapons of the dark horse and win double digits!)


What’s such an education worth…$$hundreds?.. $$thousands?… Well, let’s cut right to the chase. All I want for the entire 20 lesson course is a mere $50 – that’s got to be the horse racing bargain of the year – you’ll certainly make that back your first day! In fact, order the entire 20 lesson package and…

I’ll give you my Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy just send me back your undamaged “20 EASY LESSONS” plus a week’s play that didn’t work (in case one of us made a mistake) and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

I’ll also give you my Booklet on Money Management where I teach you how to use your track winnings to make even more money – i.e. when to bet and how much, when to press, when to roll your profits over, when to cut back, how to maximize profits on those juicy exactas and trifectas! Worth its weight in GOLD but yours FREE when you order all 20 lessons!

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