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It’s the issue that’s on the cutting edge of horse race handicapping and those that handle it properly are positioned to make big profits. That’s the arrival of polytrack and other synthetic surfaces at various major tracks. It’s most prominent at Del Mar, but is a big factor at tracks in Kentucky and up in Canada, and the trend will surely grow as the years go by. The handicappers who know how to adjust and factor in how a horse will run on a new surface will be the ones that find value horses and big payoffs.

Ever since Noel Michaels stepped off the college campus to become the youngest handicapper ever to work for The Daily Racing Form, he’s been found wherever the cutting edge is at. Today, as chief handicapper for The Race Palace and director of personnel at Nassau OTB, he brings his sharp, analytical mind to the issue of polytrack and has unlocked several keys for telling how a horse will adjust to the synthetic surface.

How To Handicap Polytrack is not simply a book, it is an investment–an investment into a new and rising stock whose profits are only going to increase with each passing year. An adroit mix of current examples and timeless lessons, it is a necessary addition to the library of the modern horse player.

How To Handicap Polytrack
Author: Noel Michaels
Pages: 14
Price: $18.00 (including S&H)