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Dear Racing Fan:
I’m outraged more than shocked! I’m steaming from the bottom of my soul. The “Race Fixers” have struck again, stealing your hard-earned money and cash from every horseplayer in the game who plays it straight and only wants an honest and fair shake. The headlines screaming across the papers are enough to make any honest citizen want to strangle these bums:

“Milk Shake Down”
“Magic Elixir That Makes Hooves Fly”
“Top Trainer Among First Busts in Alleged Horse-Race Fix Ring.”

Yeah, the G-men got ’em. But, I have two questions:
First: How many more Fixers are out there, still plying their evil trade?
You know this handful of arrests is only the very tiny tip of a huge iceberg.
Second: Why did it take the feds so long to move in and protect the horseplayers?
After all, I, Kelso Sturgeon, blew the lid off fixers in 2001 with my national best selling book, “They Fix Races, Don’t They?” A history of knowing what goes on behind the stalls on the backstretch!

If you read my book, you know I laid it out step on by step on many of the methods used by proven “race fixers.” And, I illustrated step by step FOUR SYSTEMS that EVERY HORSEPLAYER COULD USE to profit from the system that allowed the fixers to operate and to even turn the tables on those who take illegal short cuts in an effort to cash a bet!

And, the FIXERS are just a tiny fraction of “backstretch insiders” who are trying to grab an edge and cash a bet anyway they can, usually at the expense of the gullible betting public. In fact, I would bet that 80% of races contain AT LEAST ONE WISE GUY with SOMETHING UP HIS SLEEVE trying to put one over the public. Whether they succeed or not depends on their horse and their talent at manipulating that runner, but THEY ARE TRYING TO BEAT YOU 80% OF THE TIME.

I knew what I was talking about. I should. After all, I have spent a lifetime learning the racing game from the inside out, protecting the common horseplayer at times and making my own scores by using the “bad” guys moves to my advantage. Over more than four decades, I have been publicity director for both Churchill Downs and Pimlico. I have been a jockey’s agent, licensed trainer, breeder and winning handicapper.

I have also been an investigative journalist, blowing the lid off many of racing’s darkest secrets and I testified as an expert before the U.S. Congress. Because of my background and history, I believe I am the only proven expert winner in America who can fight the fixers and beat them at their own game.

In “They Fix Races, Don’t They,” I …

  • Named Names and Exposed Schemes
  • Showed How Trainers “hop” horses
  • Pulled back the curtain on mob enforcers, violence and even murder in the deadly game of race fixing riches!

I really thought I could turn the tide by simply TELLING THE TRUTH! But, I GUESS I WAS WRONG! I have to do more to help you and the other horseplayers. Someone MUST STEP IN on YOUR BEHALF!
In my book, I laid out 4 Systems that I have proven over 35 years could be used to find and win races that were almost impossible to be part of a fix and how to spot races that were potentially fixed so you could ride the backs of the fixers and profit too rather than be taken by them.
All Four Systems worked to perfection. But, even that wasn’t enough So now, I am taking it farther, farther than any author, handicapper or journalist has ever gone in fighting the fixers and I am going to GET DOWN AND DIRTY IN THE GAME to PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS AND MAKE YOU MONEY by….


How Crooked Trainers and Mob Associates Fleeced America’s Bettors And How To Beat Them At Their Own Game!

Small, yet powerful, I’ve designed my SPECIAL REPORT as a straight right hand, short and hard to be the knockout blow against race fixers. In 20 pages, I explain exactly what these FIXERS were up to and GIVE YOU MORE SYSTEMS TO COMBAT THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES.
DRUGS AND THUGS, yours for only $17.95 (Includes s/h)