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Obey These Commandments And Save Your Bankroll

Here, proven in use and backed by real case histories, are TEN HANDICAPPING RULES so reliable and profitable they deserve to be enshrined as commandments. Walk the Righteous Path and get the Money. Straight Bets, Exactas, Trifectas, Pick-3’s or Pick-4’s it doesn’t matter. You still have to obey the rules…

  1. THOU SHALT READ THE CHARTS “BOTTOMS UP”- Lukewarm handicappers are losers! See these revealing examples of how getting ALL the information makes you a big winner.
  2. THOU SHALT “BEAT THE FAVORITE”- Biggest pitfall in racing! Eternal vigilance is the price of success. Learn these proven strategies for spotting ALL false favorites and get the cash!
  3. THOU SHALT CASH IN ON “CHALK VALUE”- Spot & cash overlays: lessons and how-to play what the public ignores. Plus power up those exactas and trifectas!
  4. THOU SHALT KNOW “WHEN FIGURES DO LIE”– Don’t be misled by Beyers. Learn why a 93 Beyer outran a 105 and start keying those exotics!
  5. THOU SHALT KNOW WHAT’S “DAM IMPORTANT” Racing is a male chauvinist! Dams are routinely downgraded. That’s your cue to cash first time starters with great dam pedigrees – learn how!
  6. THOU SHALT PROFIT FROM HORSES “DOING WHAT COMES NATURALLY”  Do you know how to read the Form – really read it? Here we show you how to spot the telltale signs that a young horse is sitting on a great race!
  7. THOU SHALT PAY HEED TO “BLINKERS ON BLINKERS OFF” How a basic equipment change can help a horse “see no evil” and win a race he was supposed to lose!
  8. THOU SHALT LOOK FOR “A RACE BACK” – Rules for judging coming-back horses. How it worked in the Travers. How it can help you win at a price.
  9. THOU SHALT “BE PICKY”  Complete rules for picking Pick 3’s and Pick 4’s that pay off in the $thousands!
  10. THOU SHALT “PUT IT TOGETHER”– How the Commandments out-picked nationally known handicappers. For instance in the Breeders’ Cup! How you can use this overlooked classic to cash bigger ticket!

    Note: Each Commandment is fully illustrated by examples of classic races which produced documented winners.

EVERYTHING EXPLAINED. 80 information-packed pages…not padded with pp charts but with important winning examples…show you step-by-step exactly how the money was made. Go thou and do likewise!


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